The Bird
Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

I will hold your tired wings close to my heart.
I will hold your beating heart in my arms.
Words that worry you, don't let them worry you--
You already flew halfway 'round the world

We'll do what we have to do and then we rest.
Summer's coming. We'll build a nest.
We have to fly, you understand, we were just not built to land--
We were built to last

What do you hear when I say nothing?
But you can't hear me when I repeat one thing?
The nest is close, don't close your eyes,
We’ll carry on until we fly.

I know it's not simple for you,
The way I always do what I have to do.
Skies are cloudy, skies are clear,
The good old days are still right here. I fly to you.

I will warm your tired wings with my care.
I'm not flying without you anywhere.
I know words worry you, but they are feathers too,
You're my nest, and I'm your air.